Brides and BABE hair extensions

We ran across this article from BABE and thought we should share it!

The I do and the Hairdo

Written by: Justin Trombetti

Every bride wants a timeless and unique wedding which is why countless hours are spent on every detail. The exciting part for every bride—besides the rock—is her look. Which brings us to the main topic of discussion: the hair. As a bride, deciding what kind of hairstyle would go best with the dress can be as difficult as the choosing the tastiest cake. After all, it’s the small details that make the difference and just as no look is complete without accessories, your hair is the most important accessory of them all.

Regardless of the style of dress you’ve chosen, hair extensions and brides go together like peas and carrots. How so? Well, it’s true that most get hair extensions for length, but if you’re not a fan of long locks, you will be a fan of the volume hair extensions provide. You know that chignon you’ve been thinking about? With hair extensions you can easily enhance the thickness and texture of this elegant hairstyle. Get more creative by adding extra height and a few sweeping pieces in the front to frame your face. Babe’s hair extensions are available in 14 to 22 inches (depending on the method). So if you’re looking for texture and volume without the length, we’ve got your solution!

Being hair extension stylists, of course we love length. Be it beachy waves, straight locks, or bouncy curls, there’s no limit to your hairstyle choices with long, thick hair. For the classic bride, you can choose the side-swept waves just by adding length. Long, beachy waves are perfect for a beach wedding. Long fishtail braids are more popular than ever this season and would go perfectly with an outdoor country wedding. The best part of all—since braids tend to stay in place, you don’t have to worry about bringing a bottle of hairspray to touch-up after getting down on the dance floor!

You can never go wrong with the right hair extensions. If you’re a soon-to-be bride with a hair extension question please feel free to ask!

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