Does dirty hair REALLY style better?

You have a special event. You have the perfect outfit, nails are done, makeup planned but what are you gonna do about that hair? We have all been told that dirty hair styles better but is that really true? Probably not for most textures! Too much product or too much natural oil from the scalp can really prevent you from having the style you are hoping for.

Planning ahead can really save you some hair frustration!

Make your styling reservation as far in advance as you can to get the most ideal time to fit your schedule on the day of the event. Advance scheduling also allows time for a trial run, corrective color, root touch up or a haircuts if your stylist should find it necessary.

Shampoo and condition your hair the night before. Feel free to add some heat protection but keep the amount to a minimum and avoid using other styling products. Blow drying and round brushing are fine but under no circumstance can a flat iron be used! Once hair has been flat ironed it will need to be rewashed to do anything else. Remember to wear a loose fitting button up shirt as to not destroy your finished style when dressing. Then just relax and let your stylist work their magic!

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