How do I blow dry all this hair?

You may have never been told but there is a proper way to blow dry if you want less frizz. It's all about smoothing the hair shaft. The outer layer of the hair shaft is called the cuticle. Under a microscope it can resemble fish scales. When those "scales" are properly laid down the hair is smoother to the touch and appears to have more shine. Your blow dry technique can drastically help you achieve smoother hair by properly laying the cuticle layer down.

After using a quality wash, rinse and heat protector you are ready to blow dry. Before you begin, put the concentrator on the dryer. They vary in size with each manufacturer but all do exactly what they were designed to do; concentrate the air flow. When using a concentrator, you want to blow down the hair shaft from the roots to the ends. By forcing the air to flow down the hair shaft, the cuticle layers start to lay down. This will give you the smoothest result. Continue around the head using your hands to get the hair about 80% dry before using additional tools such as round or vent brushes to further smooth the hair and add soft movement or "body".

If you still have questions, we offer free consultations for all services we perform. Reservations available online at or by calling 769-572-7516.

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