Am I going bald??

Omg! Am I going bald??

Hair is everywhere. It’s in the shower. It’s on the bathroom floor. The hair brush is covered with full length hair strands! OMG! Is this normal?? Am I going bald?? Help!

Many things can influence shedding including stress, medication, heredity, environment, poor nutrition and over styling. Some shedding is completely normal. It is called the telogen/exogen phase, the final phase of the hair’s life cycle. The average head has approximately 150,000 hairs and you can lose 50-150 strands a day! If you brush or wash daily you may not notice the shedding unless it becomes excessive. For some one who washes and styles once or twice a week you can expect to see much more hair in the shower and the hair brush.

Look at your shedding objectively and decide if it is within normal limits. Remember to talk with your stylist about using professional products that keep both the hair and scalp in optimal condition without over styling. Drug store brands sometimes contain coatings and perfumes that can be counterproductive to your hair and scalp health. Good nutrition also helps produce healthy hair. So relax, eat well, take good care of your hair and it should be fine. At any point you are concerned about the amount of hair you are shedding consult a medical professional.

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