I can never style my hair like you do!

We hear this every day! Styling your own hair with those loose beachy waves isn't as hard as you may think! Let's look at how you can recreate that salon look on your own with minimal effort.

First, use quality shampoo and conditioners for your texture so that you start with a clean canvas. Prepare the hair with desired styling products such as texturizing creams and thickeners but don't forget to apply your heat protection in addition to your styling aid. Heat protection is so important before blow drying and using hot tools. Using a quality heat protector with help preserve the integrity of your hair.

After you have completed your blow dry, section the dry hair into small manageable sections using clips for control. Using a 1 or 1.25 inch curling iron is ideal. The shorter the hair, the smaller the iron. Starting at the face, take vertical sections, inserting the iron vertically at the mid shaft, curling back and away from the face. Continue onto the next by curling in the opposite direction but still inserting the iron vertically at mid shaft. Repeat these steps through each section. It does not have to be perfect! Allow the hair to briefly cool so that the waves are set, run your hands through, apply texturizing hair spray and you're done!

It's really that easy!

But if you have questions, we always offer free consultations and occasionally offer styling classes. Consultations available at patinhairstudio.com or by calling us at 769-572-7516.

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