How hot is TOO hot??

How hot should you use your tools??

There are many factors to consider but it ultimately comes down to hair texture and condition. Dryer speed, brushes and hot tools can all help add shine to the finished style. Heat protection is always necessary to prevent damage to the hair shaft.

Fine hair (smallest in diameter) doesn’t require much heat to manipulate. When using a hot tool such as a curing iron, wand or flat iron, you can safely set the temperature to 300 - 325 degrees. A hair dryer can also be used on a lower heat setting. It ’s not how hot the dryer gets but rather how fast the dryer blows that makes the difference! Always use the concentration nozzle that comes with your dryer to force the air flow down the hair shaft for the smoothest finish.

Medium or “normal” hair can stand a bit more heat. Hot tools can be used at temperatures of 325 - 375. Dryers should also be used on medium heat. It may take a little longer but you won’t run the risk of having heat damage if you take it slow.

Coarse hair will require more heat to dry and style. Hot tools can be used anywhere from 400 to 450 degrees depending on how coarse the hair shaft is. The dryer will likely need to be on high heat and the fastest setting to dry the hair with any smoothness. A brush will be needed as well to smooth the cuticle down as much as possible which will also help with shine.

If you are unsure of your texture, use lower heat settings and work your way up if needed. Seek the advice of your professional stylist or make a reservation for a free consultation with any of our talented team at

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