Sorry! My hair is SO dirty!

You’ve heard it said before ~ coloring dirty hair is the way to go. Can that really be true?

Not exactly! That may true of older, less expensive color lines that still use harsh ingredients such ammonia and PPD (even "naturally derived" ingredients) which are very irritating to the scalp and drying to the hair. With prolonged use a PPD sensitivity can develop sometimes leaving tiny pimple like blisters on the scalp.

If the salon you are visiting still uses one of those older and less expensive color lines, you may want to continue going to the salon with dirty hair! By doing so, you may be at risk for the color oxidizing darker than desired as the color and salts in your sweat react.

More technologically advanced, high end, boutique and luxury brands will not penetrate through the oil, sweat and dirt to deposit the color molecules since many of them also contain conditioning ingredients to process as gently as possible.

Modern color lines (KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.ME for example) with the newest technology simply don’t need ammonia or PPD to process or prevent fading. Dirty hair is NOT the ideal canvas for these types of color lines! The best canvas for your desired coloring service is clean, dry hair free of styling products.

So the next time you are ready for a color service, consider the color line your stylist uses before you show up with dirty hair!

Still have questions? We offer complimentary consultations for every service we offer. Reservations available online for your convenience at

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