I want long hair!

We've all been there. We cut our long locks off and later decide we want our long hair back. So if we don't cut it, it will get longer faster, right?? Not so fast! Regular cuts will actually help you to reach your length goals with healthy hair. But that doesn't make sense, or does it? Let's look at what happens when you don't cut your hair.

We are rough on our hair. We are in the sun, we color it, brush it, heat style it, wash it too much, wash it too little, heap on the products and still expect it to look like silk! It really takes a beating. With all of the things we do to our hair, we cause dryness, heat damage and splitends. Quality shampoo and conditioners can help with the dryness. Proper heat protection and styling products can help reduce or eliminate heat damage.

But what about those splitends? There are no treatments or conditioners that will mend splitends! A haircut is the only solution. If splitends are allowed to hang around the hair shaft gets frayed. The frayed ends will continue to run up the hair shaft constantly until they are cut off above the damage.

The average growth is 1/2 inch a month, if you color your hair your can actually see how much it grows. If you are feeling like it is not "growing" it may be breaking off on the ends faster than it is growing from the scalp leaving you around the same length or shorter.

So if you want long hair, get a haircut at the intervals your stylist suggests. Just because it's time for a haircut doesn't mean you have to take off very much. The longer you delay having a cut the more you have to cut! If you still have questions about how often you need a cut we offer complimentary consultations. Reservations are available at patinahairstudio.com

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