Do I really NEED conditioner?

We get this question all the time and the answer is, YES!!!

All hair textures need some type of conditioning.

Hair is made up of three layers ~ cortex, medulla and cuticle layers. Some textures have many thicker layers of cuticle (coarse) and some have only have a few very thin layers of cuticle (fine). When you shampoo hair the cuticle layers open. Conditioners will help to close the cuticle layers ensuring your hair has the shine, moisture, smoothness and manageability you desire.

If you skip the conditioner and the cuticle layers remain open, you will experience dryness and frizz. Coarse hair has more cuticle layers therefore may take something stronger to close the cuticle than a finer hair texture but they both need a conditioner!

There are numerous options to choose from so what should you look for in a shampoo or conditioner?

Typical shampoos and conditioners that are sold in retail stores mostly consist of cheap "coatings" to give you a false sense of shine and smoothness.

Look for professional brands that are sulfate and paraben free (such as KEVIN.MURPHY) to be sure you are doing what is best for your hair and scalp. These are usually sold only in professional salons.

An occasional detox shampoo is also a useful tool to prevent buildup that may lead to lifeless, limp hair.

With all the options available if you are still unsure Patina Hair Studio offers complimentary consultations to get you on the right path to the hair you've always wanted! Just schedule a 15 minute appointment on our website with any of our stylists to find the right option for your particular hair.

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Patina Hair Studio


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